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Latest Recipes On Abby’s Plate!

What’s for Dinner?

Plan some delicious meals for the entire family.

Always sprinkle coriander on mutton khudi.

East Indian Mutton Khudi Curry

East Indian Mutton Khudi is a traditional curry that is loaded with flavour. This richer version of the local Maharastrian jungle khudi can be served …
Serve fried ray fish with onions and sour lime.

How to fry Ray fish Pakat Fry

Fried ray fish is a delicious dish that is easy to make and quick to cook. Serve fried pakat fish with rice, dal, and salad …

Offal Is Good!

Surprisingly tasty recipes using offal – you know, everything from livers and kidneys, to tongues, hearts, stomachs, and more!

Save Room For Dessert!

Whether you’re looking for a dessert that’s healthy or a dessert that’s indulgent, we have something for you.