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Thank you for stopping by Abby’s Plate. You might remember me from The Winged Fork! Let me introduce myself. I’m Abby, the girl who loves travel, food, and wine, and new cultural experiences.

If you must know, my favorite things are nice rainy days, the smell of cakes in the oven, playing in the snow, glasses of wine, and quite naturally dark chocolate. You can read more about me here.

Latest Recipes On Abby’s Plate!

It’s Wine o’clock Somewhere

Clear ginger wine in a glass next to a blue book.

Homemade Ginger Wine Recipe

Light and refreshing, ginger wine is perfect for celebrations and regular days in.

Homemade pineapple wine in two glasses next to a yellow flower - Pic by Abby from AbbysPlate

Pineapple Wine

An easy-to-make-at-home fruity wine that more than satisfies.

What’s for Dinner? Let’s Start With Meat

Or Some Vegetarian

Seafood On My Plate

Cooking With Poultry

Offal Is Good!

Surprisingly tasty recipes using offal – you know, everything from livers and kidneys, to tongues, hearts, stomachs, and more!

Save Room For Dessert!

Whether you’re looking for a dessert that’s healthy or a dessert that’s indulgent, we have something for you.