55 Amazing Easter Dessert Recipes

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Easter calls for a celebration of new life, knowing that we have a lot to look forward to! Celebrate this day with some amazing desserts that are just adorable.

Easter is a significant day for Christians who celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a day to spend with family and remember all that one can be thankful for.

And while we are giving thanks, we also come out of the Lenten fasting with a celebratory family meal. In our East Indian culture, we also give Easter eggs made from marzipan as gifts to friends and family. And of course, make more than enough for ourselves too!

In many cultures and countries, making bunny-shaped cookies or eggs shaped chocolates is a tradition too. If you’re tired of making your regular recipes for Easter, try one of these. From cookies to cakes and marzipan eggs, making these Easter treats will be a good bit of family fun.

1. How to make Almond Marzipan Easter Eggs

Traditional East Indian Almond Marzipan Easter Eggs are a delightful way of celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ at Easter! They may take some time to make but they’re delicious and a good treat to both kids and grown-ups.
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3 Almond Marzipan Easter Eggs on a wooden sheet.

2. Easter Sour Cream Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

If you’re looking for a recipe for perfect sugar cookies this Easter, then we’ve got you’ve covered! These delicious but easy Easter sour cream sugar cookies with a cream cheese frosting are light and fluffy, and they are perfect for cutting into fun shapes with cookie cutters!
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Egg and bunny shaped easter sour cream sugar cookies

3. Vegan Cashew Frosting Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Vegan carrot cake cupcakes are healthy, lower in sugar, and delicious! These are the perfect healthy solution to your holiday dessert wishes.
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Cupcakes with cashre frositng on a brown board.

4. Cashewnut Marzipan Easter Eggs (East Indian)

East Indians traditionally make marzipan Easter eggs to celebrate the joy of Christ's resurrection. This recipe shows you how to make marzipan Easter eggs at home with cashewnut paste.
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My sister’s colorful modern Easter Eggs left to set.

5. Easter Nest Sugar Cookie Cups

Need a fun treat to make for an Easter get together? Make these darling Easter Nest Sugar Cookie Cups! Sugar cookie dough cooked in a muffin tin, filled with vanilla frosting, topped with green-tinted coconut and M&M eggs – so cute and great for spring!
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Easter nest sugar cookie cup.

6. Ma’s Blancmange Easter Eggs Or Party Dessert

My ma's colourful blancmange-filled eggs are a delightful childhood treat. Cooling eggs are perfect for hot summer days!
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Hands holding a yellow tray with blancmange eggs.

7. Carrot Cake Cupcakes

These carrot cupcakes are topped with marzipan carrots make a cute Easter dessert! Moist carrot cake topped with creamy, decadent cream cheese frosting. The perfect gluten free Easter dessert!
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Gluten free carrot cupcakes with a marzipan carrot on top.

8. Easter Bunny Carrot Cake

This carrot cake with mascarpone frosting tastes just as good as it looks and is the perfect recipe to use for a bunny cake during Easter.
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Easter bunny carrot cake.

9. Vegan GF Marzipan Easter Eggs

Eggless Marzipan Easter Eggs are a delicious and soft treat for Easter time! Celebrate Christs' resurrection with these delightful vegan and gluten free Paschal Eggs.
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Eggless Easter eggs decorated with gel based colours.

10. Spring Cookies (Great For Easter Too!)

These white chocolate chip cookies are easy, colorful, and perfect for an Easter treat. And they’re ready in under 30 minutes!
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White chocolate confetti cookies on top of each other.

11. Birds Nest Cookies (paleo, vegan)

These birds nest cookies are super easy to make and just require 7 ingredients! They can easily be made paleo or vegan. This Easter cookie recipe is also an easy one for kids to help with and uses pantry ingredients.
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Cookies shaped like nest with chocolate and candies.

12. Easter Egg Hot Chocolate Bombs

A twist on the Hot Chocolate Bombs that have taken the internet by storm, these colorful Easter Egg Chocolate Bombs are easy to make at home in just 15 minutes!
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Blue, white and yellow coloured Easter Eggs made of chocolate in a tray.

13. Easy Coconut Birds Nest Cookies

These coconut birds nest cookies are such an easy and fun treat to make for Easter! Try our coconut bird nest recipe and fill them with your favorite Easter treats!
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Macarons shaped like birds nests with almond eggs on top.

14. Easter Bunny Butt Sugar Cookies Recipe

These Bunny Butt Sugar Cookies are so adorable and they’re easier to make than you might think. Who doesn’t love sugar cookies? They’re sweet, delicious, and even better when you add icing.
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Sugar cookies shaped as bunny butts of white and pink colour.

15. Mini Easter Pavlovas

These Mini Easter Pavlovas have a chocolate swirled pavlova base and are topped with coconut whipped cream, shredded coconut, and Cadbury Mini Eggs. They make for a fun and delicious Easter dessert, but the mini pavlova base can be made any time of year!
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White colored Easter pavlova with cadbury eggs on top.

16. Gluten -free Mini Easter Bundt Cakes

These Mini Easter Bundt Cakes are a delicious gluten-free cake, decorated with some cute Easter Eggs. They’re light, flavoursome and you would never know they were gluten-free.
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3 Mini bundt cakes with pink frosting and cadbuty mini eggs.

17. How to make Chocolate Marzipan Easter eggs

Delicious and soft Chocolate Marzipan Easter Eggs are a mix of cocoa and marzipan, the perfect Easter dessert!
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Yum Chocolate Marzipan Eggs for Easter.

18. Iced Fudge Brownies

Looking for an easy, but decadent spring dessert? These chewy, fudge brownies with chocolate icing are the perfect crowd-pleasing dessert for Easter with a nice spring touch with edible flowers!
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Iced fudge brownies with edible flowers.

19. Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream

This hot cross bun ice cream is a yummy twist on traditional hot cross buns with a crunchy hot cross bun topping. It has all the wonderful spices you love in hot cross buns with plump sultanas and tangy mixed peel.
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2 Hot cross buns and 3 scoops of ice cream in a bowl. ice

20. Easter Candy Cake

A delicious chocolate layer cake topped with all your favorite Easter candy. This year I wanted to go all-out with our Easter cake. And what better way to decorate our Easter cake than with all of our favorite Easter candy?
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Easter Candy cake with chocolate eggs and mini cadbury eggs.

21. Vegan Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs (Gluten-free)

These decadent vegan dark chocolate Easter eggs are filled with a silky chocolate peanut butter dessert hummus! Trust me, Kids and adults (vegan or not!) will all love this special Easter treat! The dark chocolate eggs are naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, and free of refined sugar.
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Vegan dark chocolate eggs.

22. Easy Peach and Apricot Crumble (with Polenta)

This peach and apricot crumble is a comforting dessert to enjoy all year round. Serve it warm or cold, with cream, ice cream or custard.
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Closer looks at fresh peach apricot crumble.

23. Easter Creme Egg Chocolate Swiss Roll

This Easter Creme Egg Swiss Roll has a delicious whipped creamy Cadbury Easter Creme egg filling wrapped up in a light and airy sponge cake, then covered in chocolate frosting and adorned with Easter creme eggs and mini eggs. It’s a fun and whimsical cake to make and the perfect Easter cake centerpiece!
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Easter Creme Egg Swiss Roll Cake.

24. Easter Eggs Chocolate Truffles – Easy Easter Desserts

These amazing Easter Egg Truffles are really simple to make! In just a few minutes, you can make these amazingly delicious, colorful chocolate candy.
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Chocolate eggs coated with sprinkles.

25. Carrot Cake Roll

A delicious take on the favorite Easter cake! Everything you love about a classic spiced carrot cake rolled up with a velvety cream cheese frosting for an impressive and fun dessert. The cake is moist and tender, while the cream cheese frosting adds a layer of sweetness both inside and out for the perfect balance of cake and frosting in every bite.
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Easter carrot cake with 3 carrots on top.

26. Rice Krispie Bird Nests

These rice krispie bird nests are so fun to make with kids and just as delicious to eat! They are perfect for spring or Easter time.
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Rice Krispie Bird Nests.

27. Kwareżimal – Malta’s Traditional Lenten Sweet

Kwareżimal, a Maltese recipe originally made during Lent is quick and easy to make. It is a popular a chewy almond biscuit in an oblong shape, often brown due to cacao powder.
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Kwarezimal stacked one top of the other in a white plate with a red rim.

28. Chocolate Easter Nest Cake

A simple but pretty coconut chocolate Easter nest cake… Easter is such a fun holiday, I mean all the chocolate eggs and bunnies, who can resist those?
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A Easter nest cake on a white cake stand.

29. Easter egg cheesecake

Why have cheesecake when you can have Easter Egg cheesecake?! This is a chocolate Easter egg half, filled with a creamy chocolate cheesecake filling, hiding a crumbly biscuit base below, and drizzle chocolate on top. It’s heavenly!
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Easter egg cheesecake topped with mini cadbury eggs.

30. Cheesecake Filled Easter Eggs

These Cheesecake Filled Easter Eggs are a fun Easter treat that are easy to make! Made wirh cheesecake and apricot jam, they look just like a real egg in the chocolate casing.
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Cheesecake Filled Easter Eggs

31. Bunny Butt Cupcakes

Bunny Butt Cupcakes are perfect for Easter dessert. Since we use a boxed cake mix and top with homemade buttercream, they are so easy to make.
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Cupcakes with bunny butt shaped frosting.

32. Easter Oreos

Easter Oreos are a fun and colorful treat that is not just perfect for Easter, but all sorts of holidays and special occasions. Chocolate dipped Oreo cookies are easy, affordable, and a hit with both kids and adults alike.
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Oreo cookies dipped in white choc with colorful candy balls on top.

33. Chlebiczek – Polish Easter Bread With Dried Fruits

Filled with nuts and dry fruits, this Easter bread is a rare recipe from the town of Cieszyn in Silesia. The dark golden yeast-based bread is rich and filling.
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Polish Easter bread chlebiczek on a wooden chopping board.

34. Cadbury Creme Egg Brownies

You can’t go wrong with these Cadbury Creme Egg Brownies – chewy, chocolaty decadence studded with sweet and creamy Cadbury Creme Eggs.
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Cadbury creme egg brownies one top of the other.

35. Easy Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Topped with rich buttercream, shredded coconut, and common Easter candies. A quick and easy Easter dessert that kids will love!
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Easter bunny cup cakes with pink ears.

36. Easter Rocky Road

My Easter Rocky Road is an ideal sweet treat or edible gift. This simple to prepare recipe is a favourite no-bake dessert for chocolate lovers. A delicious dark and milk chocolate base is filled with marshmallows, coconut and Mini Eggs. The slice is topped with creamy white chocolate and decorated for your Easter celebrations.
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Easter Rocky Road

37. Easter Egg Fridge Cake

If you fancy something different for an Easter treat, what about making an Easter egg cake? This Easter egg fridge cake is no bake, and is a really indulgent treat that will be great to share with the family over the Easter holidays. 
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Easter egg fridge cake.

38. Easter Egg Fruit Tart

Looking for a chocolate-free Easter dessert idea? Try this fun egg fruit tart! A super simple dessert that is easy to customize. It’s a bit healthier than all the heavy Easter chocolate desserts around, and involves minimal ingredients and effort.
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Easter fruit tart.

39. Mango Coconut Mousse in Chocolate Easter Eggs

Mango Coconut Mousse in Easter eggs is a smooth, silky, melt in the mouth creamy mousse with a subtle flavour of coconut; served in Chocolate Easter Eggs makes it a perfect dessert for your Easter lunch. The bonus part is that it needs just 3 ingredients to make this.
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Mango Coconut Mousse in Chocolate Easter Eggs.

40. Easter Dirt Pudding Cups

The kids are going to go crazy this Easter for these Easter dirt pudding cups otherwise known as dirt pudding! This fun dessert combines Oreo cookies, pudding, whipped topping, and Easter candy to create the perfect dessert to make this Easter. 
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Easter Dirt Pudding Cups.

41. Mini Egg Brownies – Easy Easter Brownie Recipe

Easy recipe for Cadbury's mini egg brownies. These decadent and fudgy chocolate brownies are given an easy and colourful Easter twist with mini egg candies.
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Mini Egg Brownies for Easter.

42. Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream Sandwiches

Celebrate spring and Easter with a tasty 3 ingredient Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream Sandwich! So simple and delicious, plus they're ready in just 5 minutes.
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Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream Sandwiches.

43. Easter mini egg fudge

Creamy, soft, delicious old-fashioned fudge with mini eggs. You only need 6 ingredients and a little patience to make this mini egg fudge!
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Mini easter eggs fudge.

44. Vegan Creme Egg Cheesecake

This delicious no bake vegan creme egg cheesecake pulls out all the stops! With a creamy tangy dairy-free vanilla filling on a cookie crust, stuffed with butterscotch sauce and topped with homemade vegan creme eggs. This is the ULTIMATE Easter dessert!
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Vegan easter cheesecake.

45. Vegan Easter Egg Dessert

Looking for a fun and unique vegan dessert to serve this Easter? This chocolate Easter egg dessert is just the thing to please both young and old alike!
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Chocolate vegan easter egg dessert.

46. Cadbury Mini Egg Cake

Learn how to make this gorgeous Cadbury mini egg cake. This cute Easter dessert is a chocolate cake filled with Cadbury mini eggs and decorated with flowers, bunnies, sprinkles and more Easter eggs. Best of all, you can whip this one up at home with a few simple tools.
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Cadbury Mini Egg Cake.

47. Mini Egg Cookie Bars

Delicious mini egg cookie bars filled with chocolate chips and Cadbury mini eggs. It’s soft, fudgy and the perfect cookie traybake recipe for Easter! If you love mini eggs, then you’re going to love this traybake too. It is exceptionally good.
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Homemade mini egg cookie bars.

48. Easter sugar cookies

These pretty Easter sugar cookies are gently flavoured with vanilla, baked to perfect and then topped with sugar paste in perfectly marbled pastel shades.
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Easter Sugar Cookies.

49. Chocolate Nests For Easter

Try this easy to follow chocolate Easter nest recipe! Made with only 4 basic ingredients, these simple chocolate birds’ nests make a fun kids Easter cooking activity and the perfect no-bake dessert!
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Chocolate Easter Nest.

50. Vegan Easter Egg Cupcakes

These adorable Easter Egg Cupcakes are a fun and egg-free decorating idea for Easter! Kids will love decorating these gluten-free egg-shaped cupcakes that are completely vegan and allergy-free! A simple and easy vanilla cake with naturally colored frosting and sprinkles to decorate, these mini cakes will be a new Easter tradition!
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Easter Egg Cupcakes.

51. No Bake Mini Egg Cadbury Cheesecake Cups

With spring in the are that means the stores have lots of Carbury items. This No Bake Mini Egg Cadbury Cheesecake Cups is such an easy and tasty treat to whip up in just minutes.
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Mini Egg Cadbury Cheesecake Cups.

52. Easter No Bake Chex Bars

These 4 ingredient No Bake Chex Bars are an easy to make with your favorite Easter candy, affordable sweet treat that is perfect for your Easter celebration! Everybody loves mini eggs, and these cereal bars give you a whole new way to enjoy these delicious easter candies. 
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Easter No Bake Chex Bars.

53. Italian Easter Dove Bread

The beautiful colomba Pascal (i.e. Italian Easter bread or Italian Easter cake) is an yeast risen bread shaped like a dove, sweet and deliciously fragrant, with almonds and dried fruit and/or chocolate. You’ll love this sugar-free and gluten-free version, perfect for high protein low-carb and keto diets!
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Italian Easter Bread.

54. Easter Peep Cake

A fun and beautiful Easter Cake is so easy to make when the decorations are made out of candy! This Peeps cake has multi-colored layers and an Easter theme, so it’s perfect for holiday celebrations this Spring.
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Easter Peep Cake.

55. Homemade Healthy Peanut Butter Eggs

These healthy peanut butter eggs are a delicious and easy homemade treat. If you enjoy Reese’s eggs at Easter time, then you have to try this low sugar, gluten free recipe!
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Homemade healthy peanut butter eggs.

56. Easter Lamb Cake Recipe

This tried and true Easter Lamb Cake recipe has been passed down for generations. The rich and buttery pound cake recipe is paired with a sweet frosting that has a hint of orange. This delicious cake is the perfect way to finish your holiday meal.
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Easter Lamb Cake.

How many of these Easter recipes have you tried? Leave a comment and let us know.

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