Snacks & Desserts made with Rice

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Rice is yummy! Light fluffy grains that slip off your fork and into your mouth always make your mouth water, or gluten-free rice crepes that are lighter than handkerchiefs. But what makes us drool even more are the desserts using rice flour or cooked rice in them; rice puddings, rice cakes, Indian rice desserts like kheer, rice crispies, rice drinks, and more. So here’s the perfect list of rice pudding recipes, gluten-free rice cake recipes, desserts made with leftover rice, and a whole lot more.

1. White Chocolate Mamra Munchies | Easy White Chocolate Snacks

A yummy bite of white chocolate mamra munchies that will satiate your sweet tooth. Made with puffed rice and nuts in 15 minutes, these easy homemade snacks are a tad healthy too!
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White Chocolate Mamra is ready to eat.

2. Homemade Dark Choco Munchies – Original Recipe

Dark choco munchies are a quick and easy-to-make homemade chocolatey snack of puffed rice and nuts. Delicious and easy!
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Chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate on the table.

3. Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats

Stovetop or microwave peanut butter rice krispie treats recipe that is so good! The old fashioned peanut butter rice krispie treats you love!
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4. Homemade Dark Choc Coconut Bites | Snacks

Homemade Dark Choc Coconut Bites are a yummy and easy-to-make dessert or snack. Chocolatey and coconutty at the same time, these kurmura bites are just delicious!
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Sugar free coconut dark choc bites are served.

5. Andi Unda | Kerala Style Cashew Rice Ball – My Cooking Journey

Andi Unda or Kerala Style Cashew Rice Ball is a delicious and very aromatic dessert made with a special red rice called the Matta Rice.
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6. Letri – Handmade Rice Noodle Dessert

Looking pretty in pink, green and white, letri is a noodle dessert made of rice flour. Quite simply, handmade noodles topped with fresh coconut and jaggery. It's simply delicious!
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Letri plate with more coconut than letri.

7. Brown Rice Pudding (Instant Pot or Stovetop!)

This easy brown rice pudding is made with cooked brown rice, maple syrup, milk, and dried fruit. Make it in your Instant Pot or on the stovetop!
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8. East Indian Sand Cake – Riceflour Cake

This twist on the traditional sand cake is a gluten-free cake made of rice flour. Grainy and buttery, it's the perfect tea-time snack! And it goes well with ice cream too!
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Beautiful sand cake or gluten free rice cake - Pic by Abby from AbbysPlate

9. Blueberry Rice Pudding – Through The Fibro Fog

This blueberry ginger rice pudding is a cosy gluten free dessert perfect for the colder months. Vegan, gluten free and low histamine recipe.
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10. Vegan Arroz con Leche-The Almond Eater

Brown rice and coconut milk make this the best Vegan Arroz con Leche you’ll ever eat!
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11. Mexican Rice Pudding Gluten Free

Mexican Rice Pudding (Arroz Con Leche) is a delicious, creamy gluten free dessert recipe made easily with milk, rice and aromatic spices.
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12. Vegan Rice Pudding – Quick & Creamy Recipe – Vegan on Board

Inspired by the Spanish dessert Arroz con Leche, this vegan rice pudding is super creamy and delicately flavoured with cinnamon and citrus.
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13. Easy Pandan Rice Pudding – Waiting for Blancmange

A fusion of Vietnamese flavours with a British classic pudding. Super easy, 5 ingredient vegan friendly brown sugar rice pudding dessert!
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14. Coconut Milk Rice Pudding – Occasionally Eggs

Dairy free coconut milk rice pudding, made with leftover rice and sweet vanilla for a not-too-sweet cozy dessert.
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15. Rice Kheer – Instantpot Indian Rice Pudding

Rice Kheer or Indian Rice Pudding is a creamy and luscious dessert. It is made easy now by making it in Instant pot.
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16. Vegan Instant Pot Rice Pudding

Ready in under 30 minutes, this Vegan Instant Pot Rice Pudding is a dairy free and gluten free dessert made entirely in the Instant Pot!
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17. Rice Pudding With Mango

Rich and creamy Rice Pudding with mango is our dessert of the day. Here are simple directions with step-by-step pictures.
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18. Instant Pot Thai Mango Sticky Rice (No Soaking) by Amy + Jacky

Make this deliciously Popular Thai Street Food Dessert with just a few simple ingredients. A sweet creamy dream come true!
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19. Pumpkin Arroz con Leche

Pumpkin Arroz con Leche is a creamy and delicious dessert. This is where Mexican desserts meets your favorite fall foods. Enjoy! (VIDEO + Step-by-Step pictures)
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20. Mango Sticky Rice Thai Dessert

Mango sticky rice Thai dessert is popular and this sweet coconut instant pot mango sticky rice recipe is very easy and delicious!
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21. Traditional Italian Rice Fritters/Doughnuts for St. Joseph’s Day (Frittelle di Riso di San Giuseppe)

Frittelle di San Giuseppe as traditional Italian Rice Fritters or a type of doughnut, and recipes vary from region to region of Italy.
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22. Ryż Z Truskawkami Polish Rice Pudding With Strawberries Recipe

Ryż Z Truskawkami is a delicious Polish rice pudding served with strawberry sauce and strawberries, that’s popular during strawberry season.
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23. Lebanese Rice Pudding – Every Little Crumb Every Little Crumb

A classic Lebanese rice pudding, riz bi haleeb is creamy, comforting and so simple. Stove top rice pudding with rose water is delicious!
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24. Fruit Sushi Recipe (Frushi) | Rice kheer Sushi – Yummy Tales Of Tummy

Fruit Sushi Recipe (Frushi) | Rice kheer Sushi is a unique & innovative way of making sweet dessert. Fruit sushi is pretty,colorful,versatile and delicious.
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25. Suman Recipe – Filipino Sticky Rice Cake in Banana Leaves

Suman is a Filipino snack that’s made of glutinous rice and coconut milk, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed to sticky perfection. Perfect with mangoes in the summer or hot chocolate in the winter!
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26. Banana Rice Pudding

This creamy rice pudding gets its sweet goodness from ripe banana and honey. It is a great way to turn leftover rice into a simple and delicious dessert. Turn an overripe banana and leftover rice
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27. Thiruvathira Kali – Rice halwa

Thiruvathria kali is a rice halwa preparation that is traditionally made during the thriuvathira festival day. Enjoy the preparation along with a short description of how the festival is celebrated.
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28. Mexican Horchata de Arroz

The popular horchata de arroz is made with rice, vanilla, cinnamon and milk. This breakfast drink is one of the three Mexican aquas frescas! The horchata is a popular drink all over Mexico and Latin America.
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Mango Kheer or Mango Rice Kheer is an exotic take on the authentic kheer recipe (Indian style rice pudding). Silky Indian mango pulp or keri no ras is added to kheer to create a vibrant
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30. Black Glutinous Rice Dessert (紫糯米糖水) – Oh My Food Recipes

Black glutinous rice dessert is a common Asian sweet soup. This black glutinous rice sago dessert pressure cooker recipe, its 30 minutes!
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31. Pineapple Rice Pudding

Pineapple Rice Pudding is sweet and creamy with a hint of yummy pineapple flavor! It’s the perfect dessert to end a delicious meal.
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32. Milchreis (German Milk Rice Pudding) | Maple + Mango

Milchreis (aka German Rice Pudding) – a German comfort food classic! A simple, creamy and delicious stovetop rice pudding recipe.
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33. Muhallebi (Mahalabia) Middle Eastern Pudding

Muhallebi (Mahalabia) is a creamy milk pudding that’s popular throughout the Middle Eastern region. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also very easy to prepare!
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34. Coconut Rice Pudding

This creamy Coconut Rice Pudding is delicious, sweet and the perfect comfort dessert that will transport you to the islands. Easy to make and Gluten Free Coconut Rice Pudding Welcome to paradise with this easy to make, no-bake dessert. All you need is a spoon and an appetite. This Coconut Rice Puddi…
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35. Black Rice Pudding / Nap Naang made the Rongmei Naga Style

Nap Naang is a black rice pudding made with sticky black rice. This is a mildly sweet pudding that has a natural nutty flavor due to the black rice.
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36. Best Baked Rice Pudding Recipe

This best baked rice pudding recipe is easy to make and is a good old fashioned traditional rice pudding that’s thick and tasty. Delicious with a dollop of jam served on top!
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37. Bolivian Rice Pudding

Arroz con leche ( Bolivian rice pudding). Creamy dessert infused with cinnamon and cloves consumed hot or cold in Latin America.
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38. Black rice ladoos

Black rice is probably one of the healthier rice varieties when compared amongst the most sought out brown or red. Though it is so, it is not the most popular. It s still taboo rice. The secret to this taboo was probably the following: A small variety of cultivation The purple colour or black colour…
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39. Strawberry Mochi Cookies

Mochi Cookie Recipe These cookies have been a long time coming. I devour mochi whenever I see it and I always have to have cookies on hand.
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40. Champorado – Filipino Chocolate Rice Pudding

Champorado – Filipino Chocolate Rice Pudding is a popular breakfast item. Filipinos definitely like to start the day sweet with things like this rice pudding and puto.
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41. Eggnog Rice Pudding ~ (Easiest Recipe Ever, with Liqueur and No Stirring)

Eggnog rice pudding made with liqueur is delicious! When it’s made in the oven, it’s effortless! Let me show you how simple it is to get rave reviews.
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42. Baked Brown Rice Pudding (Vegan)

This baked vegan brown rice pudding is a healthier twist on the sweet and creamy classic dessert. With cinnamon, maple syrup, and raisins, it’s also fantastic for breakfast!
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43. Rice Cake (Bolo de Arroz)

A gluten-free, moist, and mildly sweet rice cake, prepared in the kitchen blender, to wish for prosperity.
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