Different Ways to make Marzipan Desserts

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Okay, that happens too! You give someone a recipe for a cashewnut Christmas marzipan and they want the almond marzipan instead. Or you give them the recipe for the chocolate marzipan and they want to cashew mass pav recipe. Such is life! I’ve been repeating it a lot since sis’ boss Shantanu said it. Haha!

The history of the word marzipan is not certain, but it can be traced back to the European wheat shortages from back in the 1500s when almond flour was used as a replacement for wheat flour. Marzipan is the German name that is more well-known than the old English word ‘marchpane’ or march bread.

At that time, Marzipan was made of almond meal and sugar, and sometimes egg and there are different variations all over Europe.

Our East Indian marzipan is a cultural recipe that was brought to India by our Portuguese conquistadors in the 15th century.

When they forced us to convert from Syriac Christianity to Catholicism, they also implanted a lot of their food traditions into our culture. Some of them were good like the vindaloo, sorpotel, marzipan, and vanilla cream.

Anyways, if you’re here looking for the different moulded marzipan recipes so you can pick a good one for Christmas dinner or Easter lunch or any other time really, here they are! All the Christmas marzipan recipes and the Easter marzipan recipes together! Enjoy!

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How East Indians Cook Marzipan

1. East Indian Cashewnut Marzipan (Christmas Dessert)

The East Indian Cashewnut Marzipan is an East Indian Christmas dessert that's moulded into the shapes of Christmas ornaments or fruits and flowers.
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Colourful marzipan on a red tablecloth with a drummer bear.

2. How to make Almond Marzipan Christmas Sweets

Almond Marzipan or mass pav is a traditional East Indian Christmas dessert. These small almond marzipan bites shaped like stars, Santa, trees, fruits, flowers, and veggies take a while to prepare but are the perfect Christmas treat for friends and family.
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Pieces of Christmas marzipan shapes on a black plate.

3. How to make Chocolate Marzipan Easter eggs

Delicious and soft Chocolate Marzipan Easter Eggs are a mix of cocoa and marzipan, the perfect Easter dessert!
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Yum Chocolate Marzipan Eggs for Easter.

4. Vegan Glutenfree Marzipan Easter Eggs

Eggless Marzipan Easter Eggs are a delicious and soft treat for Easter time! Celebrate Christs' resurrection with these delightful vegan and gluten free Paschal Eggs.
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Eggless Easter eggs decorated with gel based colours.

5. Cashewnut Marzipan Easter Eggs

East Indians traditionally make marzipan Easter eggs to celebrate the joy of Christ's resurrection. This recipe shows you how to make marzipan Easter eggs at home with cashewnut paste.
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My sister’s colorful modern Easter Eggs left to set.

6. How to make Almond Marzipan Easter Eggs

Traditional East Indian Almond Marzipan Easter Eggs are a delightful way of celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ at Easter! They may take some time to make but they’re delicious and a good treat to both kids and grown-ups.
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3 Almond Marzipan Easter Eggs on a wooden sheet.

How Other Cultures Cook Marzipan

7. Kwareżimal – Malta’s Traditional Lenten Sweet

Kwareżimal, a Maltese recipe originally made during Lent is quick and easy to make. It is a popular a chewy almond biscuit in an oblong shape, often brown due to cacao powder.
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Kwarezimal stacked one top of the other in a white plate with a red rim.

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Recipes With A Bit Marzipan

8. Lightning McQueen Checkerboard Sponge Cake

A checkerboard sponge cake shaped in the form of Lightning McQueen. Kids who watch Disney's Cars movies will love this cake.
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Lightning McQueen – Pic by Abby from AbbysPlate
Pinterest image of Different Marzipan Desserts.

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