Dishes Made with Mango

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There’s a reason the mango is called the King of Fruits in India. The fruit of the tropical tree Mangifera indica, it’s a major part of our diet. From jams and pickles to desserts and even everyday dishes, the mango has pride of place in everything. So what can you make with the sweet juicy mango? Here are a few mango recipes from our kitchen.

1. Mango Cheesecake using Paneer (Cottage Cheese)

This vegetarian Mango Cheesecake made with paneer (cottage cheese) is an awesome soft and creamy dessert to beat the summer heat! Perfect for my vegetarian friends in Mumbai, it does not require baking!
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A big slice of veg mango cheesecake topped with cherries.

2. East Indian Amboshi (Sun Dried Mango)

Amboshi is easy to make and can be stored for use throughout the year. Because of its tangy flavour, it's used in several East Indian dishes.
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Amboshi is ready.

3. How to Make Sweet Tangy Mango Pickle

This traditional East Indian Mango pickle is sweet, tangy and mouth-watering. Easy to make at home, it can be stored for months.
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Mango Pickle in a small white dish on a blue table.

4. East Indian Mango Chutney – Chunda Pickle

The East Indian Mango Chutney is a traditional chutney recipe from the Western coast of India that tastes like the Gujarati Chunda or murabba. Usually made in April or May, it lasts through the monsoon and into a bit of winter.
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Indian pickles murabba and chunda in two white dishes on a black background.

5. East Indian Raw Mango Kadmat Salad (Gluten Free)

The East Indian Kadmat or Cuchumber is a traditional East Indian salad made from raw mangoes, onions and chillies; and can be made in a matter or minutes.
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Pic of raw mango Cuchumber or Kadmat Salad

My sis Sarah also makes this yummy mango ice cream but she hasn’t put down the recipe yet. 🙂

Sarah's yummy homemade mango ice cream with sprinkles.

Dishes made with raw or dried mangoes

Raw green mangoes.

We also add dried mango pieces called amboshi or semi-ripe mango to different dishes. Here are some of them.

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6. Pork Sambari Curry – Spicy Pork Vindaloo Twist

Spicy Pork Sambari Recipe made by Mumbai's East Indians is a tangier version of vindaloo made with dried mango called amboshi.
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Pork sambari in a brown dish served with apas.

7. Mutton Lonvas Curry With Pumpkin

Mutton & Pumpkin Lonvas is a traditional East Indian curry that tastes delicious. Serve with handbreads and a refreshing salad and you have a filling meal!
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Lonvas of mutton curry.

8. Whole Masoor Dal or Red Lentils Curry

The easy to make Masoor Dal recipe or red lentil curry is an everyday favourite in most Indian households. It's vegetarian and gluten free.
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red lentil curry or Masoor dal, ready to serve in a white dish

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