Egg Bhurji – Spicy Indian Scrambled Eggs & Turmeric

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Egg Bhurji is an easy-to-make Indian spicy version of scrambled eggs. It can be your go-to food when you’re not sure what to cook or need something made quick. Anda bhurjee well with pav (bread), puri, roti, chapati, or even plain boiled rice.

This is my Dad’s version of Egg Bhurji or Anda Bhurji. Bhurji or bhurjee basically means scrambled in Hindi, but not in the same way that regular scrambled eggs are made. There’s no milk or cream added here. Anda bhurjee is the right answer when you need food in a hurry and don’t know what to make. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this is an all-time favourite in a lot of homes in India. We’ve even had it for school lunch and picnics so many times!

What Ingredients Do You Need To Make Egg Bhurji?

All you need to make anda bhurjee or egg bhurjee is eggs, onions, tomatoes, chillies, curry leaves, pepper, turmeric, oil and salt.

How to cook Egg Bhurji?

Here’s how to make egg bhurji the way my dad does.

You start by chopping the onions fine; followed by the tomatoes, chillies and curry leaves.

Chopped Onions on a brown board with a blue background
Chopped Onions
Chopped Tomatoes, chilies and curry leaves on a brown board with a blue background
Chop the tomatoes, chillies and curry leaves

Heat oil in a pan and add the onions. Fry on a high flame till they are translucent and golden brown, but remember to stir occasionally. If you want to save time, you can chop the tomatoes, chillies and curry leaves now while the onions are browning instead of doing them earlier.

Translucent fried onions
Fry onions till they are translucent

Lower the flame and add the turmeric and pepper and mix well. Then add the tomatoes, chillies, and curry leaves. Mix the ingredients well and allow to cook for a few minutes.

Add the turmeric and pepper to the fried translucent onions
Add turmeric and pepper
Add the chopped tomato, chillies and curry leaves to the vessel with the fried onions
Add chopped tomatoes, chillies and curry leaves
Mix the spices and chopped ingredients well
Mix the spices and chopped ingredients well

Lastly, add the eggs and mix well with the other ingredients.

Add eggs to the cooked ingredients and mix together
Add eggs to the vessel
Stir the eggs well and mix with the other ingredients
Stir and mix the eggs well
Mix the scrambled egg mixture and allow to dry a bit
Keep stiring and allow the mixture to dry

Keep stirring until the egg bhurjee gets a bit dry. Then turn off the stove and stir for a minute more while it’s off before your bhurji is ready to eat or serve. And that’s it, your Mumbai-style egg bhurjee is ready to serve!

You can serve it plain with pav or bread or rice or puris. Or you can roll it in a chapati like we used to do for tiffin for school, or fill it into a pav and have as an Indian streetfood sandwich.

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Turn off the flame and keep mixing the egg bhurjee aka scrambled egg for another minute
Turn of the flame and keep mixing
The Indian scrambled eggs aka Egg Bhurji in a black pan
And the Egg bhurji is ready
Tasty egg bhurji in a glass plate in front of a blue board
Tasty egg bhurji
Homemade egg bhurji in a glass plate on a blue table
Homemade egg bhurji
Egg bhurji ready to serve in a glass plate against a blue background
Egg bhurji ready to serve
Homemade egg bhurji in a glass plate on a blue table

Egg Bhurji (Spicy scrambled eggs)

Egg Bhurji is an easy to make Indian version of spicy scrambled eggs. It does not require milk or cream but has a very different and delicious texture. We love eating anda bhurjee for any meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.
5 out of 5 Stars by 6 readers!

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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch, Main Course, Side Dish
Cuisine Indian
Servings 6 Servings
Calories 159 kcal
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  • 6 Eggs
  • 4 Onions large
  • 3 Tomatoes
  • 6 Green Chillies – Fresh
  • 2 Tablespoon Oil
  • 1 teaspoon Turmeric Powder
  • 1 teaspoon Pepper Powder
  • 1 Tablespoon Salt

Optional Ingredients

  • 50 g Cheese Preferably Cheddar


  • Chop the onions fine.
  • Now chop tomatoes, chillies and curry leaves fine and set aside. Or to save time you chop them later while the onions are browning in the vessel.
  • Heat the oil in a pan and fry the onions till translucent and golden brown on a high flame, stirring occasionally.
  • Add the turmeric and pepper; followed by the chopped tomatoes, chillies, curry leaves and salt.
  • Mix well and allow to cook for 3 minutes.
  • Add the eggs and keep stirring for another 3-4 minutes till it gets dry.
  • Turn the flame off and stir for one more minute and it's ready. Serve with bread, chappati, roti, puris or rice.

Optional Topping

  • Grate the cheddar cheese and put it as a topping before serving the bhurji.

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Stuff You Might Want to Use

All Natural Slate Cutting Board
King Arthur Baking - Country Bread Knife
Aluminium Kadai
Stainless Steel Spoon

Nutrition (Per Serving)

Calories: 159kcal | Carbohydrates: 13g | Protein: 7g | Fat: 9g | Saturated Fat: 2g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 2g | Monounsaturated Fat: 5g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 164mg | Sodium: 1381mg | Potassium: 327mg | Fiber: 4g | Sugar: 6g | Vitamin A: 753IU | Vitamin C: 19mg | Calcium: 50mg | Iron: 1mg

Disclaimer: Nutrition Information per serving is estimated by a third party software based on the ingredients used, and is for informational purposes only. It will vary from product to product, based on methods of preparation, origin and freshness of ingredients. Please consult the package labels of the ingredients you use, or chat with your dietician for specific details.

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What’s perfect about this Easy Egg Bhurji Recipe?

  • Anda bhurjee or egg bhurjee is quick and easy to make.
  • It’s an all-time favourite dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in many Indian homes.
  • Turmeric makes the egg bhurjee healthier than a regular scrambled egg recipe.

Cooking Tips and Tricks

  • Frying the onions till golden brown enhances the taste.
  • After the eggs are added in, stir the bhurjee continuously till it’s dry.
  • Chopping the ingredients finer gives you a better-textured egg bhurjee.
  • If you’re making the egg bhurjee for tiffin for your kids or husband or wife, roll it in a chapati or roti. This turns it into the perfect non-messy outdoor meal or school meal or work meal.
  • To make the egg bhurjee taste yummier, grate about 50 grams of cheese on top. We prefer cheddar!

Questions About making Egg Bhurji At Home

What Is Egg Burji?

There is no real English term for it, but if we consider it, egg bhurjee is a spicy Indian variant of scrambled eggs. In essence, it’s a lot different from regular scrambled eggs because of the ingredients and the method of cooking.

What Is The Main Difference Between Indian Anda Bhurjee And Scrambled Eggs?

Although both dishes involve a lot of continuous stirring, the Indian anda bhurji does not include cream or milk like scrambled eggs do. This makes it a whole other dish.

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Can You Reheat Scrambled Eggs? Can I Eat Egg Bhurjee The Next Day? Can We Keep Egg Bhurji In The Fridge?

Yes, you can store egg bhurji in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 days after preparing it. And you can reheat your anda bhurjee or scrambled eggs. The eggs may dry out a bit in that time, but it’s okay to reheat and eat them as long as they’re piping hot.

Can We Eat Egg Bhurjee With Curds Or Yoghurt?

Yes, egg bhurjee goes perfectly well with curds or yoghurt. Just add a dollop or two in the plate before serving.

Can I Make Egg Bhurji Without Garlic?

Yes, our recipe for egg bhurji does not include garlic or ginger.

Do I Need To Beat The Eggs Before Adding Them To The Pan?

No. For this Indian egg bhurjee recipe, you just toss the eggs in. There is no need to beat them before adding them to the rest of the ingredients.

Can You Make This Egg Bhurji Recipe Richer?

Yes, you can easily make this egg bhurji recipe richer by grating some cheddar cheese on it before serving. About 50 grams of cheese or any other cheese will work for this recipe.

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