Keto Diet 101: How to Get Started

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For anyone who wants to venture into the world of starting the keto diet, this is the post for you. Not only can the keto diet be a great way to lose weight, but it’s also an effective way to cut excess pounds quickly as well.

While some may term a low-carb diet as a trendy approach to losing weight, it’s safe to say that the success of the keto diet and lifestyle proves that it’s here to stay.

This post will dive into the best tips for starting the keto diet – and how to stay the course!

What is the keto diet?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably have a good sense of what the keto diet is. You may have heard it by the terms “low carb” or even “ketogenic diet” as well, which are ultimately all the same things, just with different names.

The ketogenic diet or “keto” diet is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet that has been around forever. It’s more like what our ancestors ate. No wonder it does wonders for our metabolism and wards off a number of health conditions.

The entire point of eating a low-carb diet is to cut carbs by eating high-fat and high-protein foods. Cutting carbs is a great way that has been proven quite effective in cutting weight quickly.

How do I start a Keto (low-carb) diet?

When it comes to jump-starting a keto-friendly diet, there are a few options that one can do. The first is to consult someone who is knowledgeable in this type of eating.

Some people will start the keto diet right away, thinking that they can eat 45 burgers in a week as long as they don’t eat the buns.

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While there is truth that burgers without buns aren’t off limits, there are still limits in the quantities and foods that should be paid attention to.

Consulting with a physician about this diet option is a safe and healthy approach to getting started.

Another option to do before starting a diet lower in carbs is to do your own research and make an educated choice for yourself.

Is the keto diet safe?

This question has to be answered on an individual basis and is one that should be consulted with a healthcare physician. They are the ones that will know your health history best to recommend if starting a keto diet is a good idea or not.

What is ketosis?

This is what you’re trying to achieve by starting the keto diet. When the body gets to “ketosis,” it means that your body is working to melt away the fat.

Cutting the carbs from your diet means your body will focus on burning fats instead of carbs since you aren’t eating excess ones. This, in turn, is what your body does constantly to melt away the excess weight and pounds.

To successfully have your body in ketosis, your daily intake of carbs needs to be 5% or less. That way, your body can burn those carbs, and then when it needs more to burn, it will turn to fat to burn since there isn’t an excess of carbohydrates.

Keto diet foods to avoid

One of the biggest positives of being on the keto diet is that there are a ton of foods that you can eat. In fact, many people state that there are way more foods you can eat than those you can’t.

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Meats and cheeses are game for chowing down on, but there are certain foods you must kick out of your daily eating habits.

This isn’t an all-encompassing list, but it should give you a good idea about foods that you can and can’t eat.

Pro tip: For a simple way to remember the things that you can eat without a ton of stress, remember that meats and cheese are fine to eat, and basically anything white and processed is a no-go!

Can I eat fruits and vegetables on the keto diet?

Typically fruits are not something that is approved on the low-carb diet list because there are a ton of natural sugars in them. Vegetables, on the other hand, are approved and are a great way to snack the day away without feeling any type of guilt at all. (there is also a ton of fiber in the veggies too, which is a win-win!)

How hard is the keto diet?

This is one of the easiest diets to be on because you don’t have to cut down on many of your favorite foods.

If you love bacon, you can eat bacon. If you’re a fan of burgers, you can eat burgers. The biggest thing that many people miss out on for the first week or so is the bread and processed sugars.

But just like anything, after a while, your tastebuds change, and you won’t even crave those things anymore!

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Starting the keto diet isn’t hard or difficult to do at all. The easiest way to get started is to head to the grocery store and fill your grocery cart full of meats, cheeses, eggs, and other high-protein foods.

There are even egg wraps and cauliflower wraps nowadays that are super soft and delicious that can be used in place of tortillas – and you won’t even know the difference!

Overall, the keto diet is an extremely simple diet plan to start and one of the easier ones to stick to as well. Whether you choose clean keto or dirty keto is up to you, both will make a big difference to the way you eat and the way you feel!

Here are a few recipes you can try on the ketogenic diet.

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