A Zillion Ways to cook Rice

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If you ever thought rice was boring, think again. Rice is such a versatile food that it can be cooked in a zillion ways. Okay, maybe not a zillion but definitely a hundred. So if you’re in the mood for some fluffy homemade rice, or even wondering what to do with yesterday’s excess rice, here are a zillion ways to make it, or as many as we can list!

1. How to cook rice perfectly like us Indians?

Rice is a grain eaten daily all over India. But Indians don't cook rice like the Western world. Here's how to remove the starch and make your rice fluffy!
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Individual separate grains of plain boiled rice Indian style.

2. Traditional East Indian Wedding Rice

East Indian Wedding rice is a delicious and tasty dish served at most East Indian weddings and speical functions.
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East Indian wedding rice in a white platter.

3. How to cook yellow (turmeric) rice perfectly?

Rice is a staple food all over India, and is eaten as a main dish with a variety of dals or curries. But yellow rice is tastier and healthier.
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Rice served with coriander and tomatoes.

4. Cheesy Spanish Rice

This easy peasy baked Cheesy Spanish Rice is hearty enough to be a meal or a delish side. So flavorful and so delish, it’ll be your new fav!
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5. Indian Jeera Rice – Cumin Rice

Jeera rice is popular across India. Made by adding fried jeera or cumin to cooked rice, it's a cooling and tasty way to serve fluffy white rice or basmati rice!
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Black pot filled with jeera rice sprinkled with coriander.

6. Recipe for Special East Indian Chicken Tope

Special East Indian Chicken Tope is a marriage of our Portuguese cultural inheritance with our Konkan Maharashtrian Indian roots, a perfect all in one gluten free meal.
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The traditional East Indian chicken tope is the perfect one pot dish for picnics

7. Sesame Rice

This sesame rice is cooked with water and sesame oil for a flavorful take on rice. It’s an easy way to add more flavor to your rice and elevate it!
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8. Easy Burnt Onion Rice

Burnt onion rice is a different sort of tasty rice! All it needs is a few onions and a handful of nuts and you can easily eat it on its own or with chutney.
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Burnt onion rice in a white platter.

9. Italian Rice Salad

This Italian rice salad can be put together in 10 minutes and is packed with fresh, zingy flavour.
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italian rice salad in a white plate.

10. Shrimp And Risotto Recipe – Gluten Free Homestead

Shrimp risotto is made with a special Arborio rice so it’s gluten free! With a gentle cooking method, it turns out a rich creamy comfort meal.
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11. Authentic Polish Golumpki Recipe – Cabbage Rolls That Taste Like Poland!

Looking for authentic Polish golumpki recipe? Check out this traditional recipe for Polish stuffed cabbage rolls that you can easily make at home!
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12. Instant Pot Fajita Rice

Top this easy Instant Pot Fajita Rice, loaded with juicy chicken and lots of cheese, with your favorite toppings to make a tasty meal your whole family will love.
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Instant Pot Fajita Rice in a pot.

13. Arroz Rojo Recipe: Authentic Mexican Red Rice – Maricruz Avalos Kitchen Blog

This arroz rojo (mexican red rice) is fluffy, delicious and loaded with Mexican flavors. Learn how easily make it at home with simple ingredients and enjoy it as a side dish for your favourite Mexican dishes!
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14. Haitian Rice and Beans

Haitian Red Beans & Rice – Diri Ak Pwa is a staple Haitian dish. This easy Vegetarian Rice & Beans can serve as a meal on its own for Meatless Monday. #riceandbeans #haitianrecipes #haitianfood
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15. 30-Minute Jamaican Rice and Pigeon Peas with Coconut Milk – Very Veganish

A spicy 30-minute meal full of Caribbean flavor, this easy Jamaican rice and pigeon peas recipe with coconut milk will transport you to the islands. A delicious addition to your “rice and beans” repertoire using either canned pigeon peas or homemade.
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16. Vegan Poke Bowl with Sweet Soy Ginger Dressing – Very Veganish

Enjoy poke bowls at home anytime with this plant-based, vegan take on the beloved Hawaiian street fare. Perfect for meal prep and loaded with veggies, these vegan poke bowls are paired with a sweet soy ginger oil-free dressing.
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17. Mexican Green Rice (arroz verde) – Maricruz Avalos Kitchen Blog

This Mexican green rice (arroz verde) is so fragrant, delicious, and very easy to make at home. A staple in Mexican cuisine, this side dish is perfect to pair with Mexican delights.
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18. Teriyaki Chicken Fried Rice – With Baked Runny Eggs – EmilyFabulous

Teriyaki Chicken Fried Rice is an easy and delicious weeknight meal loaded with fresh veggies, chicken, and a baked runny egg on top!
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19. Perfectly Cooked Red Rice in Instant Pot – Easy Indian Cookbook

Red rice is healthier when compared to white rice, it has a slightly chewy texture with an earthy and nutty flavor.
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20. Arroz Colorido – Colorful Mexican Rice: A Meal Prep Solution

Arroz colorido means “Colorful Rice” in Spanish: you will love the bright flavors in this Mexican rice. I just made this in an effort to get ahead of meals for my family for the week.
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21. Lamb Pilau Rice – So Yummy Recipes

Lamb pilau rice is a savoury rice dish cooked in spiced lamb stock. It’s sort of a one-pot dish that contains comfort carbs of the rice with nutritious protein of the lamb meat.
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22. Bombay Chicken Biryani|Pakistani Biryani | tips n recipes

A mouth-watering, flavourful Bombay Chicken Biryani (Pakistani biryani recipe) is a perfect treat for weekends or occasions that everyone would certainly love it.
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23. Kimchi Fried Rice – How to Make the PERFECT Fried Rice

Kimchi Fried Rice – How to Make the PERFECT Fried Rice – steps to make the perfect fried rice every time and a delicious Korean fried rice recipe. This post was inspired by one
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24. Nasi Goreng Seafood: Indonesian Seafood Fried Rice Recipe – So Yummy Recipes

Indonesian Nasi Goreng seafood is what you want to make when you crave a seafood dish that feels light to enjoy. This recipe helps you make it without spending too much time with a deliciously satisfying result
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25. Nigerian Jollof Rice

Whether you’re Nigerian, Ghanaian or from other parts of West Africa, you probably love jollof rice. Try this one pot, African rice with a delicious tomato and pepper stew base. Click on this recipe for step by step instructions and 3 tips to make the perfect jollof rice!
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26. Mediterranean Rice – Megan vs Kitchen

Easy Mediterranean Rice has onion, garlic, turmeric, cumin, butter, & olive oil. This delicious fluffy rice goes well with chicken and kebobs.
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27. Paneer Biryani Recipe | ThisThatMore

Paneer Biryani Recipe is aromatic & flavorful rice recipe made by layering rice, paneer, and veggies. It is best enjoyed with yogurt or raita.
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28. Ham Fried Rice – Oh My Food Recipes

Have leftover ham? Try out this authentic, tasty ham fried rice recipe and learn how to make the best ham fried rice at home.
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29. Turmeric Coconut Rice Recipe – Colorful, Dairy & Gluten-free Sidedish

Turmeric coconut rice is delicious, easy to make, colorful, gluten-free, dairy-free, low FODMAP, and has some health benefits.
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30. Coconut Turmeric Rice – Through The Fibro Fog

This coconut turmeric rice is a fragrant and healthy side dish. Very easy to make, with mostly pantry staples, it takes less than 30 minutes.
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31. Champagne Risotto Served In A Parmesan Wheel

Champagne risotto has a very delicate flavor, a precious addition to a light and refined festive menu. Serve it on a Parmesan wheel to create a unique party centerpiece.
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32. How to Make Sushi Rice Recipe

This recipe for How to Make Sushi Rice is super easy and simple. The rice turns out perfectly every time. Perfect as a side or simple meal!
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33. Easy Mixed Vegetable Rice

This Easy Mixed Vegetable Rice is my newest obsession. I know what you are thinking – strange, weird, just a little a bit out there. But this fluffy seasoned ri…
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34. Vegetarian Rice Timbale with Grilled Eggplants Recipe

Vegetarian Rice Timbale is practical for dinner parties as you can prepare the rice and the filling the day before, and compose it just before your party.
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35. Rice in the Oven (Riso al Forno)

This is not your traditional Risotto. This is a traditional Italian Style Rice in the Oven or Riso al Forno. Recipe compliments of mom
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36. Chicken Shawarma Rice Recipe

Chicken Shawarma Rice is a rice recipe mixed with spice chicken, vegetables, yellow rice, and drizzle with white garlic sauce
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37. Curry Rice

Ready for an amazing side dish that is so tasty it could be its own meal? This Curry Rice is exactly what you’ve been searching for. Hold onto your pots and pans folks, because this Curried Rice could become a new weekly meal request.
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Curried Rice in a white bowl.

38. Steak Fried Rice

Feast your eyes on an amazing, easy-to-make, full-of-flavor, DELICIOUS Steak Fried Rice, combining rice, juicy pieces of beef, mixed veggies and egg in a truly…
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39. Instant Pot Mexican Brown Rice – Love from the Table

Instant Pot Mexican Brown Rice is a perfect side dish for all your favorite Mexican meals. This easy homemade rice is super flavorful and simple. The instant pot takes out all the guess work, for perfect rice every time.
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40. Rice Dressing with Bacon

A change from traditional stuffing, this rice dressing is packed full of bacon, mushrooms, and fluffy rice.
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41. Authentic Chicken Maqluba Recipe

An authentic Jordanian Chicken Maqluba Recipe which is mix with chicken, cauliflower, eggplant, potatoes, rice and middle eastern spices.
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42. Jeweled Saffron Rice Recipe

Easy, elegant recipe that is a feast for the eyes and the belly!
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43. Bone Broth Rice

Cook rice with bone broth instead of water to make this hearty Bone Broth Rice that’s rich and full of added nutrients like collagen.
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44. Pandan Rice (2 ways)

2 easy Pandan Rice recipes: how to cook a fragrant white rice or a pandan-flavored, olive-green, creamy rice using 2-3 simple ingredients.
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45. Easy Lemon Rice Recipe – Little Sunny Kitchen

Easy to make Lemon Rice is the perfect side dish for chicken, fish, meat, or vegetables. You only need 5 ingredients to get this yummy side dish on the table.
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46. Narali Bhath | Sweet Coconut Rice – My Cooking Journey

Narali Bhath | Sweet Coconut Rice – Desserts, Festivals, Indian, Kids Friendly Narali Bhath
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Some dishes you might not even recognize as Rice!

47. Gluten Free Chitaps or Rice Crepes

East Indian chitaps are a light and fluffy rice crepe that goes well with anything. Abby modified the recipe to make it gluten free for her friends.
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East Indian gluten free rice crepes called chitaps folded in triangles on a black tray.

48. Qifqi – Albanian Rice Balls

Qifqi – Albanian Rice Balls are a quick and easy snack or serve them at your next party. Explore Balkan cuisine with this and more recipes!
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49. Fried Risotto Balls From Calabria

This fried risotto balls recipe is not Arancini, these are gluten-free fried saffron risotto bites with no breadcrumbs and no fillings.
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