Who makes the Best Hummus?

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A dip that the world loves, hummus is a puree of tahini, garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil. It was invented centuries ago in the Levantine region and many cultures claim it as their own. Where was it really first made? Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, who knows? We’ll find out when we go to heaven. But till then, if you want to enjoy some of the best hummus in the world, here are the brands that make it. Not all of them can come close to Michael Solomonov’s hummus at Zahav Foods, but many of them are pretty darned good.

1. Tuv Taam

Started by Aharon Nutovics in Brooklyn in 1982, the Tuv Taam brand was born when he and his wife started creating homemade kosher salads to distribute to neighoburs and friends. Following stringent kashrus guidelines and OK Kosher certified, the brand now delivers products to all over the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Whether you’re craving thick and creamy traditional hummus or some hummus with pine nuts, or with roasted red peppers or hummus with olives or their classic hummus with lemon and garlic, you’ll love the Tum Taam hummus.

2. Sabra

Started by Zohar Norman and Yehuda Pearl in 1986, Sabra was originally called Sabra-Blue & White Foods. Acquired by the Strauss Group in 2005, it produces a dense, rich and thick hummus that is famous in the United States.

Classic, roasted red pepper, roasted garlic, olive tapenade, those are the popular flavors. And then you have the extraordinary spinach artichoke hummus, Everything Bagel hummus, caramelized onion hummus, and so much more, you’ll keep coming back for more. The brand actually has a Sabra Barbecue Hummus!

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3. Esti Foods

An authentic Greek recipe for hummus is what Esti promises. Combining their Mediterranean roots with non-GMO ingredients and using only Greek chickpeas, the low-sugar low-sodium hummus is perfect for any occasion. The Esti brand has products that are distributed around the world. In fact, they even have a set of villas in Mykonos where guests can come spend time among their olive groves and enjoy a fine selection of Esti products, be it their Esti Lemon Hummus, Esti Zuchhini Hummus, or the Esti Kalamata Olives Hummus.

4. Abraham’s Natural Foods

Abraham’s Natural Foods is a business offering many natural food products, all of which are Kosher or Parve. So if you’re looking for hummus or other products that follow Jewish dietary laws and restrictions, Abrahams is the right spot to go to.

Started by Louis Fellman in 1987 when offering food at the NY Shakespeare Festival, the brand has been in business ever since.

Popular for its all-natural hummus, which is touted as the healthiest hummos in the Tri-State area, this Middle Eastern New Jersey brand tops the line with traditional hummus, and there are no preservatives added. Taste that apple cider vinegar tang with their regular hummus, roasted red pepper hummus, garlic hummus and much more!

5. Tribe Hummus

Started in 1993, the Massachusetts-based Tribe Mediterranean Foods is owned by the Osem Group, one of Israel’s largest food companies. If you’re looking for moral reasons to buy Tribe Hummus, here’s one – Osem is a key supporter and partner of the Jewish National Fund. Am Yisrael Chai!

But focusing on the hummus now. Their natural hummus made without preservatives will keep you dipping for more. From the classic hummus made with chickpeas, tahini, garlic and a dash of sesalt, to the popular roasted garlic hummus and roasted red pepper hummus, there will always be place in your refrigerator for Tribe Hummus. They also had a yum dark chocolate hummus that was amazing! But when you’re looking for something that will go with everything from pita chips to chopped veggies, Tribe’s Everything Bagel Hummus is your best friend.

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6. Trader Joe’s

A chain that started in 1967, Trader Joe’s is the go-to place for almost everything. Even hummus. Their Crunchy Chili Onion hummus will leave you salivating.

And don’t forget their Pumpkin Spice hummus, Dill Pickle hummus, Chocolate hummus, traditional roasted garlic hummus, and more.

This is a work in progress list, so we’ll keep adding on more amazing hummus makers as and when we can. If you know of a brand that should be on here, please comment and let us know!

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