28 Savory Cottage Cheese Recipes & Few Sweet!

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The best part about this giant list of savory cottage cheese recipes is that they’re all unique in their flavors. Some have some spice, some have a saltiness added to them, while others have a hint of sweetness that will have you coming back for more.

The great part about cooking with cottage cheese is that it’s versatile in how it’s used. You can add it to main meals or side dishes, cottage cheese desserts, or even as a simple snack during the day.

Think outside the box on how to use cottage cheese in your daily menu planning for dinner, and you’re sure to be shocked by the results.

The more ways that you can add cottage cheese to your daily consumption, the more that you’re going to want to try other ways to use it.

It’s time to treat your tastebuds and check out all the easy cottage cheese recipes below! You can easily meal plan for the month and try something new and unique.

1. Cottage Cheese Omelet Muffins

These protein packed cottage cheese and egg muffins can be made with any vegetables, cheese, and meat you like and pack in over 10 grams of protein. Plus they are freezer friendly.
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Cottage Cheese Omelet Muffins

2. Easy Paneer Stir Fry (Indian Cottage Cheese Dish)

This Cottage Cheese Stir Fry is a simple Indian side dish that is quite filling too! Add in a few veggies and you have a perfect side dish perfect for meals or snacks!
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Stir fry veggies and indian cottage cheese in a wok.

3. Oat Flour Pancakes

Oat Flour Pancakes made in 15 minutes for a healthy breakfast that is gluten-free and wholesome. These protein pancakes are fluffy and moist!
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Oat Flour Pancakes

4. Zucchini Roll Ups

Zucchini Roll Ups are a healthy way to pretend you’re eating stuffed shells. They are basically made with the same stuffing except with way less calories.
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Zucchini Roll Ups

5. Paneer Masala Recipe

Restaurant style Paneer Masala recipe is easy to make, delicious, creamy, flavorful curry made with tomatoes, cashews, spices and paneer.
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Paneer Masala Recipe

6. Cottage Cheese Lasagna

Everyone will love this creamy, cheesy, meaty Cottage Cheese Lasagna. It’s the ultimate comfort food for a winter night.
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Cottage Cheese Lasagna

7. Palak Paneer Recipe

Learn my secret tricks to make lip smackingly good restaurant style Palak Paneer. My method is super easy, quick and very delicious!
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Palak Paneer Recipe

8. Cottage cheese tzatziki

This cottage cheese tzatziki is a fun twist on yoghurt-based tzatziki. A flavourful appetizer or party food, perfect with crudites or breads.
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Cottage cheese tzatziki

9. Tandoori Paneer Naan Pizza

Tandoori paneer naan pizza is Indian-flavors-inspired fusion pizza made using naan and marinated paneer, veggies, cheese, and yogurt sauce.
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Tandoori Paneer Naan Pizza

10. Easy Paneer Appetizer – Indian Cottage Cheese Starter

My mom's paneer appetizer is easy to make and tastes delicious! This soft and milky paneer starter can be served as a snack, or as a side dish for lunch or dinner too.
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Tasty fried paneer is ready to serve from the pan.

11. Cottage Cheese Quiche

Cottage cheese quiche is low fat and low calorie. Use leeks and peas or switch in other veggies. Healthy and delicious, easy to make.
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Cottage Cheese Quiche

12. Recipe for Onion Dip

This recipe for onion dip gets its inspiration from Tastee Inn & Out in Lincoln, NE. Its perfect for Deep Fried onion chips and regular chips!
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Recipe for Onion Dip

13. Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Cottage cheese pancakes are quick and easy protein pancakes. Naturally gluten free, they are light and fluffy. An ideal healthy breakfast.
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Cottage Cheese Pancakes

14. Creamy Mushroom Pasta with Crispy Sage

Creamy mushroom pasta combines delicious caramelized mushrooms with protein-packed cheese and balsamic vinegar, creating modern comfort food.
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Creamy Mushroom Pasta with Crispy Sage

15. Malai Kofta (Paneer Dumplings in Sauce)

Malai kofta is a vegetarian delight made of paneer and potato balls in a rich tomato gravy. Smooth, creamy, and oh so delicious!
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Indian dish Malai kofta in a bowl.

16. Cottage Cheese Waffles

Healthy and delicious Cottage Cheese Waffles are packed with protein and are made in just 2 simple steps using 5 simple ingredients. These waffles are a great alternative to traditional waffles, and are completely family-friendly.
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Cottage Cheese Waffles

17. No Boil Lasagna Recipe With Cottage Cheese

This no boil lasagna recipe with cottage cheese is one of the handful of recipes I have in my kitchen repertoire that will make The Hubs go weak in the knees. If you are one of those who will only eat traditional lasagna with ricotta cheese, go ahead and give this lasagna supreme a try anyway.
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No Boil Lasagna Recipe With Cottage Cheese

18. Paneer Korma

Paneer Korma is a creamy curry made with Indian cottage cheese, coconut milk and spices. This classic gluten-free paneer curry goes well with naan bread or any flavoured rice.
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Paneer Korma

19. Cottage Cheese Crescent Roll Recipe

This Cottage Cheese Crescent Rolls recipes takes only six ingredients that bake up golden brown outside and tender inside with a drizzle of almond icing.
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Cottage Cheese Crescent Roll Recipe

20. Paneer Tacos – Indian Mexican Fusion Recipe

Paneer Tacos with fajita vegetables are beautiful and delicious IndoMexican fusion Tacos. Dazzle your guests with these delicious street style desi tacos.
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Paneer Tacos - Indian Mexican Fusion Recipe

21. Kalakand With Cottage Cheese

Kalakand, with cottage cheese turns out as good as the one with paneer.
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Kalakand With Cottage Cheese

22. Million Dollar Spaghetti Casserole

Million Dollar Spaghetti Casserole is an easy hearty casserole that is both budget-friendly and easy to make and a great way to feed a family or a crowd!
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Million Dollar Spaghetti Casserole

23. Creamy Bacon Dip

My Creamy Bacon Dip will not disappoint. It is rich in flavor despite being low fat & low carb. Serve with veggies for a guilt free appetizer or side.
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Creamy Bacon Dip

24. Instant Pot Egg Bites (GF, LC, Keto)

This Instant Pot Egg Bites recipe is the perfect meal prep solution! You’ll love how easy it is to make these deliciously light and fluffy egg bites.
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Instant Pot Egg Bites (GF, LC, Keto)

25. High Protein Breakfast Frittata

Need an easy breakfast to fuel your day? This High Protein Breakfast Frittata is it. It’s filled with protein and vegetables for a well-rounded meal!
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High Protein Breakfast Frittata

26. Tiropita: A Greek-Style Feta Cheese Appetizer

Tiropita is a Greek-style feta cheese filled appetizer made with pastry. In this Americanized recipe, puff pastry ensures it easy to make!
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Tiropita: A Greek-Style Feta Cheese Appetizer

27. Best Ever Leftover Turkey Cannelloni

Put those roast turkey leftovers to use with this recipe for making a delicious batch of leftover turkey cannelloni.
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Best Ever Leftover Turkey Cannelloni

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28. Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Best cottage cheese pancakes! Made with oatmeal and cottage cheese, this low carb recipe makes pancakes that are light and fluffy, gluten free, and they taste just like French toast!
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Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Which of these easy savory cottage cheese dishes are you going to make first?

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