Desserts that use Coconut

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A simple looking fruit, the coconut consists of a round or ovalish brown hairy shell which you open to find some delicious white flesh and water. While we love drinking coconut water, we the tender or dried, it’s the perfect addition to any meal, from dinner to desserts. Here in Mumbai, we call the internal part the copra and use it as an integral part in many curries and dishes. But the desserts made with coconut are the best! Here are some of the yumtastic desserts we use coconut in.

1. Tartlets (Coconut Filled Dessert Baskets)

Light baskets of coconut in beautiful pinks and greens, these tartlets are an East Indian Christmas dessert that’s a must on every dessert platter.
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Top view of the East Indian coconut dessert called tartlets.

2. East Indian Borose (Semolina Coconut Cookies)

East Indian Borose is a delightfully sweet coconutty cookie made with semolina. This traditional cookie is perfect for tea or as a Christmas dessert!
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Serve East Indian borose on a plate with tea.

3. Letri – Handmade Rice Noodle Dessert

Looking pretty in pink, green and white, letri is a noodle dessert made of rice flour. Quite simply, handmade noodles topped with fresh coconut and jaggery. It's simply delicious!
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Letri plate with more coconut than letri.

4. Bol Lucrecia – East Indian Coconut Pie

Bol Lucrecia is a traditional East Indian Coconut Pie dessert that is moist on the inside and crispy outside. You'll love it as much as you love coconuts.
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Bol Lucrecia on a white plate.

5. Bol de Coc – Bolos de Coco – East Indian Coconut Cake

Bol De Coc is a traditional East Indian cake with a delicious coconutty taste and a moist crumb, and is the perfect tea time snack!
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Delicious Bol de Coc

6. Bolings – Semolina Coconut Cookies

Bolings are a sweet coconut semolina cookie that is made around Christmas time in most East Indian Catholic households!
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Bolings are ready.

7. Coconut and Rose Petal Barfi | Indian Dessert

Simple and elegant, the coconut barfi infused with roses is perfect to indulge your sweet tooth! This nobake version of the traditional Indian burfi is coconutty and creamy, sweet, and rosy!
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Muffin liners of coconut barfi covered with rose petals.

8. East Indian Thalie Sweet

Thalie Sweet is a traditional East Indian coconut cake usually baked around Christmas Time or for celebrations. But they're perfect for tea time too!
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Diamond shaped Thalie sweet on a black tray.

9. Homemade Dark Choc Coconut Bites | Snacks

Homemade Dark Choc Coconut Bites are a yummy and easy-to-make dessert or snack. Chocolatey and coconutty at the same time, these kurmura bites are just delicious!
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Sugar free coconut dark choc bites are served.

10. Kopra Pak – Naralchi Wadi – Indian Coconut Dessert

Naralchi Wadi or Kopra Pak is a popular coconut dessert in Maharashtra, India. It's easy to make naralchi wadi at home in less than an hour.
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Naralchi Wadi or Kopra Pak is a popular dessert in Maharashtra, India.

11. Chocolate Chunk Coconut Cake

A recipe that's a blend of the coconut cake recipe and the chocolate chip recipe. So you don't have to choose just one!
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Add in the chocolate chips - Pic by Abby from AbbysPlate

12. East Indian Coconut Cake

This traditional East Indian coconut cake is different from other homemade coconut cakes. Dense and moist, and traditionally made with fresh grated coconut, you can also use desiccated coconut. Every coconut cake slice is a delight to eat!
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A coconut cake log and a coconut cake slice on a black plate.

13. Pancakes with Coconut Filling – Elijao

The thin traditional pancakes made by the East Indian community of Mumbai are different from regular pancakes. But these tasty coconut-filled sweet pancakes (elijao) are a delight to eat!
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Stuff the sweet filing of different colours in pancake.

14. East Indian Glutenfree Coconut Cordial Dessert

Our granny’s recipe for East Indian Coconut Cordial is one of our favorite easy to make traditional Christmas recipes.
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Traditional East Indian Cordial - Pic by Abby from AbbysPlate

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15. Sojee Sweet – Sojee Halwa Pieces – Semolina Dessert

A simple dessert made of semolina, the sojee sweet is an adordable Christmas sweet. Traditionally colored green, you'll find it on every East Indian Christmas platter.
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Top view of sojee sweet with cashews on a black tray.

So which of these yummy recipes are you going to try first? Comment and let us know!

Desserts made with coconut.
Desserts made of coconut.

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